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Here you will meet our friendly team of receptionists who will answer general queries, register your pet, mark you as arrived in the clinic waiting lists, take payments and sort your insurance claim forms. They also love to cuddle new pets and are always good for a treat or two.


Within our dispensary we stock a lot of drugs needed for our patients, there are hundreds, our dispensing nurses are responsible for making the patients medication, admitting and discharging animals into the hospital from a consult, assisting the consulting veterinary surgeons to take bloods, skin samples, microchip etc. They also run a comprehensive variety of free nurse clinics e.g. weight/diabetes/senior pets etc. Our dispensary staff also organise the free delivery service for food/medication/prescriptions within a 10 mile radius.


A visit to the vets may not be your pet’s favorite thing to do so here at Rutland House we try to make sure that if your pet has to stay at the hospital, it’s as stress free and as enjoyable as possible! We understand that each animal is an individual and therefore we try to cater for their specific needs. There are six separate wards at Rutland House including day ward, cat ward, medical ward, surgical ward, large dog ward and the quiet ward for dogs that prefer to be kept away from our more noisy patients. There is a dedicated nursing team with individual’s assigned to specific wards so that each patient gets individual attention. We have a fantastic team of qualified veterinary nurses who ensure that each animal and client gets the best possible care. Our wonderful trainee nurses provide great nursing care while learning new skills ready to qualify and our amazing team of auxiliaries do a fantastic job of hand feeding , grooming and giving lots of TLC!


Theatre Preperation Suite

This area is for surgical theatre staff only. It is a semi-sterile area were your pet is brought to if they need x-rays or surgery. We have 5 anaesthetic tables within this area, each with piped oxygen and a table with an attached shower if needed. All our patients get intravenous catheters placed before sedation/anaesthetic. We have a wide array of anaesthetic monitoring equipment including Pulse Oximeters which measure your pet’s heart rate and oxygen levels. ECG to check your pet’s heart rhythm remains stable. Blood pressure monitors to ensure stable blood pressure under anaesthetic. We also have Capnographs which monitor the waste gases breathed out by your pet. All of this equipment and our trained nursing staff ensure your pets well looked after in our surgery department. Your pet will be prepared for surgery in this area by getting clipped and cleaned, they are then transported into the sterile theatres.

Theatre Suites

We have 5 theatres in Rutland House, 2 are for general procedures with our first opinion vets. We have 1 designated Orthopaedic theatre, a Soft tissue theatre and an Ophthalmology theatre too. Within these rooms we have all of the above mentioned monitoring equipment to ensure a high level of care throughout. When the operation is finished your pet will return to the preparation area were they recover/come around.