This is an amazing piece of equipment, It is like a high resolution very detailed x-ray type image in different dimensions allowing you to follow the image slices sequentially to get a picture. It can also be used to reconstruct a 3D image of the area of interest/defect allowing you to plan for surgery etc. This is used in both the 1st opinion and referral side of the practice. If is used to assess all parts of the body from potential cancer checks, bone defects/fractures, ear disease, spinal cases etc. See a sample image below.

This is a high resolution machine which allows excellent quality images to be produced. Digital x-ray has the advantage over traditional film x-rays in that it is a lot quicker which ensures less time under anaesthetic for your pet. The exposure (blackness) of the image can also be altered on computer meaning that less x-rays are needed to get the right image so less radiation exposure also. The digital x-rays can be saved to disks or emailed to our diagnostic imagers/specialists for a second opinion.

This is a non-invasive, non-painful scan usually of the abdomen or heart using a probe to see an image of the internal organs. From the ultrasound we can assess the shape, size and structure of each organ and compare it to what should be normal. The ultrasound images can be frozen, measurements made and printed out. We also have the ability to sample some of the organs via ultrasound guidance in order to have the sample tested for abnormalities. An ultrasound of the heart is called an echocardiogram, it can assess blood flow, chamber size and function of the heart valves.

We have different scopes for different size animals and areas of interest. Scopes are used to assess either the upper airways - nose, larynx, trachea or the lower airways - bronchi in the lungs (bronchoscopy). This can be to look for inflammation, foreign bodies, infection and take samples if needed. Scopes can be used to assess the stomach/small intestine for the same reasons (endoscopy) or can be used to assess the rectum/colon (colonoscopy) again for the same indications. This is a real time image inside these organs. Some of our scopes have channels inside them to allow you to pass a biopsy forceps or forceps used to grasp foreign bodies and pull them back out.

We work very closely with our external lab Idexx, whom are only 1 mile away allowing for speedy turnaround times and detailed, comprehensive tests to be performed. We have the ability to perform blood tests urgently inside the practice if needed to treat very ill animals. This uses top of the line equipment including hand held devices at the patients side.

This is used to check your pet’s blood pressure often to rule in/out hypertension (high pressure) as a disease on its own or as part of a process. It is done conscious like people with an inflating cuff and is non-painful for your pet. It is the systolic pressure we are interested in for pets.

This laser machine can be used for lots of varying surgical procedures and has a real benefit over a normal scalpel blade in vascular areas prone to bleeding as it coagulates at the same time as removal, excellent for lumps, oral surgery etc.

This is located nearby at our Freckleton branch, were the vet working there performs physiotherapy both using the treadmill and without it. It is excellent for animals recovering from orthopaedic injuries including spinal disease/trauma. It is also an excellent form of exercise for old arthritic animals which allows their muscles to build up using this no joint impact method, hence no pain. Another great function of the treadmill is for fun weight loss.