Your kitten might have come to you on a specific diet already. It is important that initially we keep this the same to avoid upset especially in the initial stressful time of moving into a new home. There are many wet and dry foods available along with milk products and treats. As a general rule we normally recommend dry kitten food three-four times daily from 8 weeks old. A good premium quality food is recommended to ensure it is balanced and made with quality meat/fish cuts and fresh ingredients.

Dry food is better for dental care than wet. The frequency of feeds can be reduced to twice daily when they are over 6 months of age if wanted. In general they stay on kitten food till 1 year old then move onto adult cat food until 7 years old when they move to senior diets. Your kitten should not get milk as they become lactose intolerant as they get older and it upsets their stomach. We recommend water only for fluid intake.

The amount of water your cat drinks will depend on their diet. Cats on wet food will drink less than those on dry. If feeding wet try to have a mixture with dry. Ask our nurses/vets for advice. We have samples of our recommended diets and special promotional offers in place for kittens. 

We also have variations within our kitten/adult/senior diets to cater for specific conditions e.g. indoor cats, hairball control etc Feeding human scraps is not recommended as it is not balanced and can lead to deficiencies in nutrients.