Saying Goodbye

The decision regarding end of life is one of the hardest and most difficult decisions that you will need to make as a pet owner. Your pet’s quality of life is very important to you.

Our veterinary team can help assess your pets medical conditions and offer guidance to treatment options, drugs that may help or other therapies if felt suitable.

There are various tools that can be used to assess the quality of life for your pet and this can be discussed or we can direct you to assessments that can be used to help.
We offer pre-euthanasia consultations which can be used to discuss the above but also to discuss “what happens?” during and after the procedure if this is decided is the best course of action.
If this is not discussed in advance then we will discuss the procedure details at the time.

We offer various cremation options and also numerous caskets, urns or temporary scatter box options if this is your wish.

We are here for you after your sad loss and have a trained bereavement nurse who can listen if you need to chat. We also have literature with guidance of the various resources available to help manage the grief experienced during and after this time.